“I knew my diet wasn’t the best, I was feeling tired, very tired and would crave sugar from the moment I’d wake to the moment I went to bed. I was a little apprehensive and embarrassed “bearing all” and having someone see just how bad my diet could be in a week, but I knew to get the best out of the service, I had to be honest, so it all went in there and I cringed as I sent it off. When I got my analysis, I was so impressed with it all, Natalie didn’t focus on what I was doing wrong (hobnobs for breakfast!) but celebrated what I was doing right and offered alternatives for those things that really weren’t so good. She provided me simple, helpful, creative and achievable changes and I felt more informed, in control and excited to try her suggestions. No feelings of judgement were there after all, I just felt informed, empowered and supported. I could feel the passion Natalie has for her work and the fact she truly cares and wants to help in her analysis. I would not hesitate in recommending Natalie’s service, what have you got to lose?”  ~ Johannah

“Natalie has had a huge impact on my health. Her passion for healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle made me excited and interested in learning about nutrition. She introduced me to the idea of a mainly whole foods, plant based diet – and a year later I went back to her for a food journal analysis. I would recommend a food journal analysis with Natalie to everyone. She is incredibly knowledgeable yet makes everything so easy to understand. Her passion motivates me to implement her suggestions and I now feel so much more energized at the end of each day! Thank you, Natalie!” ~ Caitlin
Natalie is a very perceptive person. She didn’t just create a guide for me to follow. She learned about who I am and what would work for me and tailored a plan that made sense for me. She helped me understand my own eating/lifestyle habits so that I could turn around and incorporate    healthier choices into them. She built me a morning routine that has seriously changed my life. I used to be very sluggish in the mornings, needing a huge coffee just to get going. By adding simple nutritious choices right at the start and creating time for mediating or reading, I have a new energy that lasts me all day, without any coffee! I got to experience how great I feel when I’m making healthy choices that fit in with my lifestyle and that is a feeling I’m going to keep running with.” ~ Julie
“I first approached Natalie at the end of the summer in 2016 after I’d spent the entire spring and summer pretty much eating whatever I felt like, whenever I felt like, and doing very little exercise.  I knew it was time to make a change and wanted to get fitter and healthier for the coming winter. Getting back in the gym was a start but I knew just working out wasn’t going to help me achieve my goals, so putting better eating habits into place was a must!! Having known Natalie for some time now, I knew she was extremely passionate and dedicated to health and nutrition so I contacted her. We had a number of sessions together in which I learnt a great deal and Natalie really tailored an eating program that revolved around my lifestyle. This was extremely helpful as I work in hospitality so my eating habits were probably a little more wacky than most people. I was blown away by her wealth of knowledge and would recommend her services to anyone wanting to improve their health.” ~ Andrew G
“I won a competition with Natalie to win a 7 day food journal analysis. Honestly, I never thought my diet was too bad but after getting feedback from Natalie I was enlightened to very beneficial changes I was able to make in my diet and habits. Second breakfast is definitely my favourite change – fruit first then a while later oats/toast or other breakfast food. Also the recommendation of batch cooking has really helped with being organised which is so helpful with having two kids. Natalie is very generous with sharing her recipes. I have also taken part in Natalie’s 21 day fancy free food challenge which again has opened my eyes to food alternatives. Thanks to this 21 day food challenge I now have pumpkin seeds as part of my daily breakfast and snack on celery – two food stuffs I would never have dreamed would have been included in my diet but house a world of goodness. Natalie is so passionate about what she is doing and it really shines through when she is sharing all the knowledge she has gained.” ~ Yvonne
As one of the initial clients of Natalie I would like to express how life changing her program can be. I was 54 when I began some 8 months ago, carrying too much weight, borderline high blood pressure and generally unfit. Natalie studied my food diary before explaining the benefits of changing food combinations dovetailed with regular exercise. I followed her new program and soon experienced increased energy, sustained weight loss and lower blood pressure. It has been a journey of lifestyle change and not a fad diet. I’m now more aware of what and when I eat and hope that this will give me a longer, happier life.” ~ Andrew
I was one of Natalie’s first clients. Since I began on her coaching program my body has responded positively! I come from a family of high blood pressure, stroke, and other chronic illnesses so regaining my health was extremely important to me. Natalie whom I call my “health guru” has given me advice and guidelines on food combinations that suited my palette (after all if you enjoy what you eat and the process of prepping it … it helps). I was required to follow up with Natalie on a regular basis so she could track my progress and make amendments as and when was needed. With all that help and education I have lost 22 lbs in 3 months and my blood pressure has lowered considerably – this was an amazing achievement!! I feel good and full of energy, even my colleagues can’t keep up! My attitude towards myself & how I eat are so different now, and its great!” ~ Marilen
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