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The Grocery List – my ABSOLUTE essentials!

A question I have been asked oh so often; What’s on your shopping list? At the beginning, when I started down this path of holistic nutrition, I would spend a FORTUNE on groceries. I would find an awesome recipe and then shoot straight out to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients. I think… Continue reading The Grocery List – my ABSOLUTE essentials!

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Pre and Post Workout Food Habits

Its a jungle out there when it comes to finding information on how to eat before and after a workout. So many sites, saying so many different things. Some of the time the information is conflicting and downright confusing. I’m not completely qualified yet in Sports Nutrition, however I have the basics, and personally I… Continue reading Pre and Post Workout Food Habits


Sugar Free Stir Fry Sauce

A veggie stir fry is one of my go-to fast foods! I sautΓ© up a variety of rainbow coloured vegetables, cook some rice and voila ready in about 15 minutes!! Throw some kind of nuts and a handful of bean sprouts on top and you have yourself a very quick and nutritous dinner!! Who said… Continue reading Sugar Free Stir Fry Sauce


The Cleansing One

Who would have thought that beetroot would taste SO good in a smoothie!? Not to mention its fantastic cleansing qualities! So what exactly does beetroot do that’s so good? Why Beets? – As an amazing liver and blood purifier, beets assist the body in detoxification. – Super high in Vitamin C! – Reliable source of… Continue reading The Cleansing One

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New Year, New Body, New You!

Ok, its 2017, we have a long list of resolutions and don’t know where to start?! I bet somewhere on your list is weight loss, get fit, or even ‘be more healthy’ (this was a cute one I got from one of my beautiful friends). Now, how many of you have now been on a… Continue reading New Year, New Body, New You!