You’re here. Whether you accidentally stumbled across my page or found it on purpose I am glad you are here. My aim is to encourage you to live a lifestyle that suits you and have you feeling healthy and happy. We all know there are many nutritionists out there that will tell you never to drink, not to eat chocolate or to never have a take-away. That’s not what I do. I love learning about what makes you happy, whether its types of foods or different activities, and then creating a gradual change in lifestyle for you that incorporates what you love.

This change in lifestyle ‘found me’ so to speak. My amazing partner came home one day and told me he was going to watch ‘Forks over Knives’. I thought nothing of it and went to bed, leaving him alone watching some random documentary that I hadn’t heard of. Couple of hours later he comes to bed and announces he wants to cut down eating meat. I was SHOCKED! This guy eats so much meat that I think he would have given me up before he said goodbye to meat! So saying that, the next day I embraced it, and watched the doco myself. I was very taken by the concepts and immediately watched another doco, Food Matters. Then googled a bunch of veggie recipes and started making dinners based on these simple principles. That was it. I was hooked. We both watched every doco available on Netflix and we even bought a juicer! Over the months our diets changed, and we both started losing weight and feeling amazing. Although we still eat animal products today, its nowhere near as much as we used to.  (I now have a membership with FMTV.com which has an abundance of health and wellness documentries, check it out!)

This lead me to the Alive Academy, where I am now studying Applied Nutrition to become a Holistic Nutritionist. Everything I learn makes a lot of sense. Its not all just about food, its about you as a whole – mind, body and spirit. One principle has stood out to me, live a healthy life but don’t cut out all the things you love, moderate them instead. Which brings me to my own principle:

“Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard, live an 80/20 lifestyle” 

So that’s me! I love helping people achieve what they want, whether that be weight loss or a better mental state. I have worked with a few people so far who have lost weight & reduced their blood pressure by making just a few tweaks in their diet. This can be you, if its what you want.

Get in touch , I cant wait to chat with you!


Lots of Love, Natalie xx