Hi, I’m Natalie, I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and I have a fancy free approach to nutrition. Simple, achievable and realistic. That’s it!

I’ll be honest with you. I’m the kind of person who loves it when I find a recipe that takes 30 minutes to put together and tastes like it took hours – I mean, who doesn’t love this?! I’m the kind of person that begins cooking and then gets distracted by something else that needs doing. I’m the kind of person that loves cooking dinner with my friends but spends more time catching up than prepping & cooking the food. And I’m the kind of person that lives a busy lifestyle (which I love), with many commitments. I am also the person who suffers with anxiety and I have done for years.

Changing my nutrition and the way I took care of myself was my answer, and I can’t even begin to explain the difference it has made to my life, my relationships and my work.  It was so important for me to keep it simple, straightforward and adaptable to my lifestyle. Most of all it needed to be realistic. I didn’t have the time to run to three different grocery stores to find a special ingredient, nor did I have the money. My time in the kitchen needed to productive yet quick and simple due to me working long hours.

Helping others like me has become my passion. I love to guide and educate others on ways to achieve and sustain their optimal health with simple, achievable and most of all realistic, fancy free nutrition plans.

Get in touch, and lets get the ball rolling!

Lots of Love, Natalie xx