Life isn’t perfect!

Listen, its OK if life doesn’t feel perfect. If you feel like life is completely perfect, it could mean you have nothing else to work towards. If everything is so perfect then theres nothing left to set your mind to, nothing left to gain, theres just nothing. There are too many of us striving for this ‘perfection’ that we aren’t focusing on the present. Not focusing on whats right in front of us. We spend so much of our day caring about the future, a part of life we can’t control, that we distract ourselves from whats happening right NOW.

The scrolling has to stop!

We find ourselves scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, peeking into the profiles and lives of others. Thoughts running through our minds that insight jealously or ‘wishful thinking’. This isn’t healthy, is it? Its so important to remember that these people we ‘stalk’ online are only portraying to us what they want us to see. A fake life…maybe. Why does it matter what anyone else is into or what they are achieving? Again its just distracting you from whats happening right now in your own life.


The comparing has to stop too!

We all spend so much time comparing ourselves to others and what other people have achieved that we begin to allow ourselves to doubt what we can do. STOP! Who freaking cares what anyone else is into? Who gives a crap if an old school friend just got married and moved to Dubai with her millionaire husband? Who gives two tosses about that random person you are following on insta and their mega business? WHO CARES!!!! Do you know what you should be caring about? YOU! You are literally the only person who matters. What ever it is you want you will get, but it will only come to you if its what you truly desire, not if its a ‘want’ manifested through jealousy or comparison.

As soon as you stop comparing, you begin to realize none of it matters. The things you desire begin to gravitate towards you, doors begin to open as it were. Once you stop comparing you allow room to focus on what it is you truly want. Its like a light bulb just pings on in your brain. You only have one life and thats YOURS, live it! Screw wanting to live like someone else, am I right?!


I spent far too much time mulling over other peoples lives. I wished I had so many things that others had. I was the person who scrolled and scrolled and scrolled. I heard that mean voice inside my head that told me “you can’t have that” or “you cant live that way”. I realized thats no way to talk to anyone, especially myself, and I just stopped. I lessened the scrolling and the stupid longing and began to focus on me. What was it was that I really wanted? As soon as my focus shifted I realized I have a lot more than I thought. I am so unbelievably grateful for what I have.


My message to you is STOP. Stop comparing, stop longing for what others have, stop putting yourself down! Life is NOT perfect and that is exactly how it is meant to be! Set your intentions, then set more! Focus on the one person that matters most in this world, YOU! Be accepting and kind to yourself. Most of all be grateful for all that you have!

Stay healthy and happy!

Love, Natalie ❤


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