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New Year, New Body, New You!

Ok, its 2017, we have a long list of resolutions and don’t know where to start?! I bet somewhere on your list is weight loss, get fit, or even ‘be more healthy’ (this was a cute one I got from one of my beautiful friends). Now, how many of you have now been on a diet since the 1st January 2017, and already feel like you are struggling like bambi trying to walk? Ok, well stop! STOP.RIGHT.THERE! It wont work for you because you are trying to do something your body truly isn’t accustomed to. Its certainly not ideal to go from gorging on every morsel of food over the holidays (or the months before it) and then getting to January 1st and eating lettuce! I don’t know one soul that would enjoy that. Ive already seen far too many sad faces this side of the new year, telling me that they weren’t able to keep up with their “diet”, their fitness routine or even their regular trip to the organic grocers they so were looking forward to!


Well beautiful people, I am going to challenge to you just change ONE teeny tiny thing. It will help you with weight loss, stress management, energy levels, heck it will even improve you mood for the rest of the day! Its one thing I will never falter from, one thing I wont change and the only thing I rely on to keep me in check. What is it I hear you all cry?


With the few people I have worked with, I have come to realize that changing their morning routine has been the key to helping them make healthier choices throughout the rest of their day, helped them with stress management and ultimately helped them with weightloss (I also talked about my own morning routine in my previous blog post)! So I want to share with you what I have shared with them! I genuinely feel this is the key to reaching all other goals. Start the morning great to achieve great things.

So here is YOUR morning plan. Print it out, write it down, take a picture of it if you must! Trust me, its easy & it works for anyone.


Wake Up: DONT hit snooze. Just get up. Snoozing sends you back into the sleep cycle, but at the beginning! This tricks your body into thinking its getting another 8 hours. Hence why you can wake up feel more tired than you did before. Not a good way to start the day!

Breakfast 1: Hot water and lemon & a piece of fruit OR green smoothie (<<< I use this template). Give your gut a chance to wake up. The lemon water will help cleanse your gut while kick starting your metabolism.

Meditate: It doesn’t matter if its guided for 5 minutes or you sit there doing a breathing exercise for 20 minutes. Its upto you. Five minutes can be just enough to set you up for a calm and peaceful day. Remember, this might the only time in the day you get five minutes to yourself, make it count! Being in the right headspace means you will make healthier choices throughout the day. (Click here for more info on meditation)

Breakfast 2: Have this 20 minutes after your fruit or smoothie. Allowing this time between breakfast 1 and 2 allows your digestive system to wake up and start working. This can be oats, toast, eggs or whatever you fancy (healthier the better!). The key thing to remember here is that your system is now ready and awake to digest your food properly instead of leaving it stuck in your gut.

That’s it! I told you, super easy and simple to follow. You can even get your smoothie ready the night before to make sure you have lots of time in the morning! I teach this way to so many people, and I have already seen some amazing results!

Make this your new healthy habit! Enjoy!

Stay healthy and happy ❤

Love, Natalie x





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