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Goodbye hangovers from hell!

I just love a night out with my friends! Nothing beats hanging out with the people you love the most. Boozing, lots of laughing, maybe a few delicious snacks….it really is so fun!

 Until BAM!!

Here comes the hangover from hell!


Head is pounding, stomach is inside out and you would rather the ground swallowed you up than put two feet outside the front door. Yep, hangovers are killer, and can sometimes put you off drinking for a while.

But what if you could minimize the effects of your hangover? What if you could have more energy and feel like the day isn’t so bad? Well you can! By taking a few simple steps you can work towards a manageable hangover!!

I have learnt that preparation is key to preventing hangover hell. By giving your body what it needs before you start swilling the wine, it will have the tools to fight the toxins and acidity created. There’s a lot of misconception about treating your hangover while it’s happening and not enough understanding about preparing your body. Let’s face it, many people feel completely demotivated to juice and make a healthy salad during their hangover – me included!


Alcohol is acidic, meaning when it is broken down in the body it leaves an acidic ‘ash’. Now our bodies function optimally in a more alkaline state, and drinking alcohol can create an imbalance. What’s important to understand first is our bodies need to be in a perfect alkaline state (or as close to) before we start consuming booze.

How do we get to an alkaline state?

The answer is food! As mentioned before, alcohol is acidic when digested. Other foods such as animal bi-products, soda, bread, sweets, cakes and even some whole grains produce this acidic ash too. So what do we eat before a night out? Fresh fruits and vegetables. I know you don’t like to hear it, but it’s the first and most crucial step to ensure your body is tough enough to fight your hangover.

Pre-drinking Meal Plan (Organic where possible):


Breakfast: Smoothie with a 70/30 ratio of leafy greens to fruits, and only water to combine (no milk/yoghurt/milk substitutes). Vegetables leave the highest forming alkaline ash in the body, perfect way to start the day. Fruit is second to vegetables, thats why I’ve recommended more veggies for your pre-drinking smoothie. Drink on an empty stomach (ideally as soon as you wake up), and don’t eat anything after it for at least 20 minutes to allow for proper digestion.

– Veggie suggestions: Kale, spinach, collard grens, romaine lettuce, celery

– Fruit suggestions: Lemon, lime, apple, pear, banana, peach, plum

Snacks: Raw vegetables and salsa/hummus, such as carrots, cucumber, celery etc. Handfuls of nuts or crackers with nut butters are fine. (As a side note, try to avoid peanut butter, its very high in omega 6. The omega 6 fatty acid we need to be cautious of is, arachidonic acid, which can cause inflammation and other issues.)

Lunch: 80% vegetables with 20% starch/grains. This could be a delicious vegetable wrap, quinoa salad, veggie stir fry etc, just make sure you are eating mostly vegetables. Avoid too much added sauces where possible, and only use oil free dressings, they will slow down your digestion and ability to absorb the nutrients.

Dinner: 60% vegetables with 40% starch, such as potatoes, yam and beets.

FRUITS: Eat these alone as they digest SO fast! Eating fruits after a meal or combined with heavier foods can cause gastro upset, like bloating and gas. The fruit sits on top of the heavier food in your stomach, waiting to digest. As it waits in line the fruit begins to rot and putrefy….gross!

Ok so what else do you need?


We all have heard about these superstars, but how do they work? Antioxidants prevent the body from oxidation which create free radicals, furthermore they stop our systems from binding these free radicals to other parts of the body, therefore preventing cellular damage. In a nutshell eat a lot of food high in antioxidants to stop you from feeling like crap during a hangover. If you follow the above meal plan, you will be consuming plentiful amounts of these super nutrients. If you want further insurance vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, and minerals such as selenuim and zinc are high antioxidant nutrients, which can be consumed as a supplements.

Antioxidant foods: Blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, plums, apples, pecans, black beans, all fruits pretty much, and yeah you guessed it, all veggies. Also green tea is an excellent antioxidant, and tastes awesome iced with a squeeze of lemon….which is also a potent antioxidant!



Supplements are actually great to have whenever. If you feel sick, tired, lazy, demotivated, you name it there will be a supplement you can add to your diet to help get you back on track. Its important for me to let you know that taking supplements, doesnt replace the lack of good foods. If you are eating crap, the supplements are less likely to help you. Nail the basics, like eating well, and supplements can be your insurance for health.

So, you’ve been eating well all day, and you are at a pretty alkaline state. Now for a couple of helpers to give your liver and other systems a chance at fighting the toxicity that comes with drinking. Below I have listed just a few that I have to help my killer hangovers (before taking multiple supplements consult a practitioner):


Milk Thistle: Full of phytonutrients (plant nutrients), milk thistle helps protect the liver from oxidative stress which could lead to liver damage. Its great for neutralising the free radicals that do specific damage to our skin and our bladders. Most of us have pretty bad skin after a night of drinking, so this herb is an awesome addition to the diet.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera: Added to water it can be extremely replenishing to our systems, not only does it have antioxidant properties, but also its an anti-inflammatory. Your gastrointtestinal tract will get swollen after a night of drinking, and consuming aloe vera can help soothe this state and reduce swelling.


Vitamin C: This is a powerhouse antioxidant, as mentioned before, protecting our blood cells and walls of our blood vessels from any damage caused by being boozy.


Vitamin E: The most involved nutrient in the protection of our cell walls. It acts a little like a magnet, attrating the free radicals to itself instead of allowing them to penetrate healthy cells.


These are just to name a few, there are so many out there but these are my faves, and have the right affects on me. Personally I take them before I go out for drinks and during my hangover the next day.

Great! So know you know how to prepare for your hangover, what do you do during the hangover?? So, if you follow this plan, then I can assure you the hangover you have might not be as bad as ones you have had before. However there is one final piece to this plan:


This is the one thing I will NEVER skip out on! Your body will crave nutrients the moment you wake up, and that craving can be mistaken for a sweet or salt craving. This results in logging into the Domino’s website and ordering a large meat feast all to yourself!! I am not saying don’t order the pizza, by all means have it! Just drink the smoothie first, on an empty stomach. Get those nutrients buzzing around your system before you eat a heavy and rich meal. It goes without saying, drink lots of water and tea throughout the day 🙂


❤ Stay health and happy! Live an 80/20 lifestyle! ❤

Lots of Love Natalie

(PS: This is for the once in a while hangovers, not for the ones that come from drinking everyday.)



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