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Everyone needs a VICE

After being at the Alive Academy since September (Update: I am now a qualified nutritionist!!), I have noticed there are a lot of people studying nutrition, who are a little pushy and judgmental on people who take a ‘break’ from being healthy, eat something a on the naughty list, or even sit on the couch the whole day. I mean, I still encourage you to get out the house often and eat the cleanest and healthiest you can (most days!). But everyone needs a VICE!

And guess what mine is?……VINO!

Sometimes if I’ve had a tough week, or if I have a fun night planned with my friends, I will indulge in 1…2…3…4…glasses of vino (the best conversations flow after a glass or two right?!). Learning about nutrition has allowed me to find ways to ‘reboot’ my body to optimal health, after those nights of forever flowing wine! Just because I am passionate about nutrition doesn’t mean I am going to cut myself off completely! As I said everyone has a vice!

Each vice is totally different, but we all have one. Some love to power through intense cardio, some love a beautiful walk, some love to watch 3 back to back episodes of Prison Break, some like to cook, some like to eat out, some like a glass of wine (me!!), the list is endless! These ‘vices’ allow us to unwind and relax a little. Relaxing is crucial, our lives are so busy and crazy sometimes, we need to slow down.

Doing what we enjoy releases endorphins and serotonin into our body, making us feel happy and content. The more you say ‘I can’t have that’ the worse you will feel – I promise. Instead give yourself something to look forward to!! I certainly am not encouraging anyone to binge eat or get themselves blackout drunk, I mean we have all been there that’s for sure! Having that freedom to indulge every now and then, using your ‘vice’ to relax and unwind will have you feeling content and a lot less stressed! Plus I’ll be here to help you reboot and bounce back!

So there you have it, Vino is my Vice. I believe that being HAPPY is where you start the road to being your HEALTHIEST self!

FYI Organic Red Wine has higher polyphenols (tannins), flavonoids (catechin) and antioxidants, and in fact the darker the wine the richer in antioxidant content it is. YAY for red wine!

Whats your Vice?

Stay happy and healthy ❤

Lots of Love Natalie 🙂

Ps If you live in Canada and want to find some beautiful organic wines, visit Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna….its awesome!

Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Kelowna BC (Photo credit: Gary Stevenson)

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