Being a Woman

We are irrational, crazy, over thinking monsters. I hear most of you saying ‘No I am not’ and ‘Speak for  yourself’, but lets face it….we are, not all the time, but we really are!  There’s a part of me that thinks we are wired this way for a reason…just haven’t figured out why yet?! Sadly I am no expert and I guess I can’t speak for all women, however I am almost certain at some point in our lives we all go through emotions that make us want to kill someone, make us want to scream for no reason and feelings that make us want to jab someone in the eyeball! We become the devil!


So I am writing this to reassure you that there are plenty of us that are hooked up this way, and it only happens for a moment – I’m a kind, peaceful, loving person normally ;-). We all feel the same at points, some more than others. For those that don’t suffer, I envy you (and also hate you at the same time ;-)).

We have the ‘irrational factor’ where we don’t always take into account our emotions at the time, or how tired we are, or even how stressed something is making us. Instead we just take a situation, which in all reality is a minor hiccup in our day or week, and turn it into a mess, not stopping to see logic. After five minutes everything is fine. Half the time I end up laughing at myself – maybe irrational and hysterical go hand in hand haha!

Another issue which I feel can affect most women at certain times in life is that we have a ‘Sell-by-date’. I don’t mean this in regards to looks and boobs (although for some, the pull of gravity becomes greater with age hehe!). I’m referring to creating a family. Not all of us think this way, but please understand as a female, if we choose to want a family it has to happen within a certain time frame. THAT is extremely and insanely stressful to think about and also a lot of pressure. Yes – I understand this a lot of pressure for men too….but we have to commit to our bodies changing and being a mess of hormones for a very long time!! (DISCLAIMER: I am not having kids anytime soon – haha!)

Now we all hate admitting this one, but the fact is we are HORMONAL. It is a science, and its something I try not to talk about in my own relationship. The moment you admit it to your partner ‘Oh I am cranky because I am hormonal’ it is all they will ever say when responding to your bitchiness. They will program it into the back of their minds, and use it as ammo against you (haha!). ‘You are just being hormonal’…say that to me, and you unleash something extremely horrifying.

Leading from this, being hormonal means loving a good argument! In fact some of us take a little pleasure in a good argument *evil laugh* and there are some who can’t handle it and cry at the drop of a hat! Oh how we love a good cry – put Finding Nemo on when I am hormonal and I am a MESS!!


The best thing is acknowledging and knowing you are like that from time to time. Once you realize, it’s so much easier to figure out how to handle it in that moment of madness. I hope this has helped some of you realize it’s not just you, and that its totally normal to act like a crazy bitch (only sometimes, however!!)! Having such complex chemistry in our bodies can be so unfair – but we need to deal with it!

TOP TIP: Start learning Meditation or just breathing deeply…I know a lot of people say it helps and it really does, I am not making it up!! Check out my previous post on meditation.

PS If all else fails…eat Chocolate and Popcorn….just eat soooo much of it…mmmmmmm!

Lots of Love Natalie xoxo



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