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Meditation? !

You are telling me that I am supposed to sit still for an hour and shut out my own thoughts?! Have you even met me? My mind hurtles past me at 100km an hour and you are asking me to sit still and quiet my mind…..please!


I am the kind of individual that when a piece of paper is out of place I have an anxiety attack. If I don’t leave exactly 15 minutes before the bus is due I will have a melt down. If I lose my keys it will be the end of the world. I was born stressed out and highly strung, I know this. Personally I find it really hard to relax and instead I let my mind take over and control me, sometimes to the point I DO have an anxiety attack.


It is so very easy to mull over the small things, which can then snowball into huge stressful situations, either because it has affected other people around you, or you feel very ill from it.  Becoming unwell, with heart palpitations, bad skin, upset stomach, is exactly what happened to me at the end of last summer, and I  knew I had to do something about it.




  • Anxiety is the most popular mental disorder in the US affecting approximately 10% of teenagers and almost 40% of adults.
  • There are over 8 different kind of anxiety….OCD is one of them!
  • Four of the most popular ways to help anxiety come from alternative treatments: Yoga, Meditation, Stress and Relaxation techniques (breathing) and Acupunture.
  • Statistics show that women are more likely to suffer from a form of anxiety than men.
  • ANYONE can suffer, it doesn’t matter how strong you are or how weak you feel, it can happen, but its really easy to treat 🙂



Why did I choose to meditate? 


Well it was insanely hard at first. Constantly you are wondering if you are doing it right, day dreaming about dinner, wondering what my partner is upto, then getting annoyed at myself for not keeping a quiet mind. DO NOT FRET! This is totally normal!



#1: You have to have an absolutely quiet mind. FALSE! We are human, we can’t quiet our thoughts, that will create more distress. However we can choose how much attention we pay to them!

#2: You have to practice for years before anything happens. FALSE! You might even feel the effects of sitting still immediately!

#3: I don’t have enough time. FALSE! Your health is important, and relaxing is crucial. You DO have ten minutes – that’s all it takes!

#3: I need to be religious. FALSE! Just no, a big fat hairy NO!



TECHNIQUES (to use when starting out): 


Guided: Pop your earphones in and listen. It’s that easy! You can get them from YouTube or download an app to your phone, for FREE! Here are some Guided Meditations for you to get started with.


Mindful: This is involves focussing on breathing. This is my favorite and only way I sit still! Sit comfortably with your back straight. Start by breathing in for 4 seconds ensuring your breath is pushing out your tummy and then filling you lungs, hold for 2 seconds. Then breath out for 6 seconds, and repeat. Do that for 10 minutes and you will feel awesome!!!  Here are some more breathing techniques if the one I suggest doesn’t work for you 🙂




*Mediation activates a part of your AUTONOMIC nervous system – the rest and digest!

*Neuroscientists have suggested it ACTUALLY reshapes that grey matter in your skull!

*Those nutty neuroscientists have also ran tests, and people who mediate are shown to stay focussed on the same task for longer than those who don’t meditate!

*Over 100 different studies have shown to have a positive affect on people suffering with anxiety disorders


I am not dressing this up for anyone! This isn’t for everybody, I know. However, I have been ‘sitting still’ for 10 minutes a day, maybe 5 times a week for nearly 6 months now! I have noticed a change in my decision making, my focus, my calmness and my ability to stop before making irrational decisions. Most of all I feel a lot less anxious than I have ever done! It really has worked, relaxing WORKS!


Give it a go! You won’t be disappointed! ❤


Lots of Love Natalie xoxo



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