Middle School – A letter to me

Scrimping and saving your pocket money to buy the latest gadget. Analyzing your wardrobe, considering burning everything and taking up sewing so you can always fit in with the latest trend. Giving yourself toxic poisoning from dying your hair blue because its was the coolest girls in school were doing (Sorry for the blue stains in the bathroom mum!!). Middle School. Regardless of what era you are from, the rules are always the same, fit in or stand out.


It was hard being in Middle School (I can imagine its the same now, maybe worse). You were teased and bullied for aspiring to be something else (well I was), people were at an age where they would judge you by how you dressed and if you had the latest phone. If you had no boobs, well, names like ‘ironing board’ and ‘flat titty face’ spring to mind. Everyone trying to climb the social ladder to finally get a chance to hang out with the ‘cool kids’ in the dining hall. But do you know what? It’s not worth it!! I want to scream it out loud, so all teenagers can hear me! Don’t do it! It will actually do the opposite of what you want, it will bring you down rather than bring you up!


So here is a letter from myself to myself, from the 28 year old me to the 14 year old me;


“Dear Me,

You have THE most beautiful soul. Please don’t lose sight of that. Continue nurturing who you are by doing what you love. I know those misunderstood girls will call you names and trample on you on their way up the social ladder, but that’s ok. Ignore it, take a deep breath and turn the other way. They will not matter to you one bit eventually. The school social ladder will be something you laugh at when you are lying on a beach in Australia, or when you are snowboarding in Canada. Stay focused, especially on Theatre Studies, you are really good at it….you become the highest mark in your year (year 13). Be kind to the people who also get hurt by the nasty words spoken in the corridors, and be understanding when other people are going through their own tough times, you will have blossoming friendships with them. You have a lot of your own hard times ahead, and it will not be easy. I can, however, guarantee 100% you will turn out pretty awesome and become a seriously tough cookie. Please (for the love of God) stop trying to get everyone to like you. Sadly that’s not how it works. You will have some amazing friends and some enemies. It’s all OK! Oh also, take some time to actually listen to your parents (all THREE of them!), some of the things they are advising you on are so important to know when you arrive here (at 28 years old). Don’t be a terror to Mum when she says you can’t do something, honestly, you will be glad in the future!! It actually turns out, all the those times you got mad when you couldn’t go to that party or that one persons sleepover, has benefited you hugely in the future!

Stay true to who you are, be kind and have some courage. It’s never as hard as it seems.

Love Me

(PS That boy you like right now….YUCK! Wait till you get to 21, you will meet one cracker of a guy ;-)”


I wouldn’t change the way I did anything at school or for the years after, as its how I became who I am now! However, getting a little guidance from ‘future me’ might have been nice just to know everything will work out just as hoped and more :-).

Don’t you agree?


Lots of Love Natalie xoxo

not a dork


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