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Facebook Troll

Ugh, it drives me bananas. Every five minutes my desperate hand reaches for my phone. Its a cross between a bad habit, an OCD, and a drug addiction. It stops me mid conversation, its shortens my concentration span, and I am almost certain its destroying my eye sight!! Its a not-so-secret addiction. SCROLL, SCROLL, SCROLL, SCROLL, SCROLL……FACEBOOK TROLL!


The moment I am separated from my phone, its like I am missing a leg or an arm. If I even think for a moment I have lost my phone, all hell breaks loose. I am running around screaming and cursing like an insane person even though I find it two seconds later in my bag…where it had always been (This is always the case when I lose my phone – why will I never learn?!). If I leave it at home, well, I feel deflated and useless. Incapable of staying connected, desperately seeking for ways to get into Facebook and my emails. I then start to feel excited to get home and check how many people got in touch with me while I was absent from its side….only one message, ONE MESSAGE! Are you f^*+ing kidding me?!?!


Social Media has taken over our lives. Its an amazing avenue to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. Our phones and tablets have now become portals for us to be with people we love in far away places. We can see what everyone is doing, all at the touch of a screen. Businesses are now on board, using all these nifty ways to market their business. Its all extremely effective, and has us sucked in!


I am all for embracing this new age, I am writing a blog for godsake so I have to believe in it. However, I also believe in DIGITALLY DETOXING. Its like a new fitness regime, or a kind of rehab haha! There should be a celebrity that endorses this kind of thing…..but who?! Hmmmmmm….Kim Kardashian? Wait, no, what would she do without her phone….she wouldn’t be able to take her tasteful selfies *ahem*!


-Increased screen time can (over time) lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety

-There is a known condition called VIDEOPHILIA, which is an inactive lifestyle with a tendency to choose screen based activities over outdoor or ‘active’ activities.

-Its anti-social….this is a given! How bad does it look when you walk into a coffee shop, or even a restaurant and everyone is on their phone?! It looks terrible, plus it makes it look like no one at that table even likes each other!

– Dark circles around your eyes!! YES, screen time strains your eyes so much, it is responsible a lot of the time for your dark circles. Obviously sleep helps too…;-)

So, what is a Digital Detox?

Well, it basically means detachment from your digital devices and social media for a set period of time. Unplugging.

For example: I very often have my phone out at work. So what I did was lock my phone away into my bag when I arrived at work, and did not turn it back on until I was done. This included my lunch breaks. I really did feel like I had rested a part of my brain. It was nice, reading a book on my lunch break and going for a walk…it did feel healthier.

If you wanted to do this intensely, I highly recommend doing it for a longer period of time, maybe do a couple of days. If someone needs to contact you, give them your work number or something.

I truly recommend detoxing as little or as much as you can. We get lured into these screen based activities, that we leave no time for health promoting activites!! We become lazy buggers! COUCH BLOBS!

Other ways to mini detox during the day:

– Don’t have your phone at your desk.

– Leave your phone in work when you go out on your lunch break.

– Have everyone leave their phones in their bag when dining out…the one who picks up their phone will have to shout everyone a drink.

– 30 minutes before bed, put your phone AWAY! This will make the ultimate difference to your sleep cycle! Trust me on this one…your phone light wakes your brain up. Why wake it up when its time for bed?? DUUUH! Try reading…you may become a little more intelligent!

– If you must have screen time choose one, TV or PHONE – information overload for your brain is taxing. Plus if you aren’t watching the TV then turn it off fool!


I hope this has been informative, and Id love to hear from any of you who end up giving the detox a go!


Check out this link to learn more about Digital Detoxing!

Lots of Love Natalie xoxo


(PS Celebrity endorsement ideas welcome! 😉 )




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