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Have the BEST day in 10 easy steps

We all go through life wishing someone would just tell us what to do, in order to be the best version of ourselves ALL THE TIME. In reality, you aren’t likely to come across such a person. Its a really nice thought, but we truly are the only ones in control of how we are and how we feel – it all starts from within. However we can share with each other the little things that work for ourselves. For me personally, there are a bunch of things I do to keep myself happy and feeling positive and these points I list below are my ‘staples’ in maintaining a happy lifestyle;

1) Smile at yourself in the mirror – its dorky but it works.
2) Give yourself 15 minutes to meditate, this might be the only time in the day you can have a few minutes to yourself. Enjoy it!
3) Eat breakfast – seriously, if you don’t, whats wrong with you?! Check out some of these healthy breakfast ideas. Our signature smoothie The Green One is my go-to!!
4) Spend at least 20-30 minutes outside in the daytime – you would be surprised at the difference this makes to your day, especially if you work indoors.
5) Give yourself a chance to do a ‘silly dance‘ at some point – it shakes away all the negativity, this is my absolute favorite thing to do! My partner and I do it ALL the time!!
6) Live an 80/20 lifestyle, this means spend 80% of your time ‘being good’ and 20% of your time ‘being naughty’ (Good being healthy, eating well, being active and ‘naughty’ meaning having a night out, drinking wine, eating your favorite snacks etc)
7) Tell someone that they look good – it will make you feel awesome when you see how happy it made that person to hear you say that.
8) Aim to make one person laugh in your day.
9) Read at least four pages out of that book you have been dying to read.
10) Go to bed before midnight.


Go on, give one or all of these a try!

Stay health and happy

Love, Natalie



3 thoughts on “Have the BEST day in 10 easy steps”

    1. I’ve seen your silly dance and it makes me laugh just thinking about it xxx there that’s two of your Do’s that works xxxx we follow the 80/20 lifestyle x 😘😘😘


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