‘The Mould’

When are you going to settle down? When are you going to get a proper job? What are your career goals? When are you having a family? Why didn’t you go to university?




Endless streams of questions being splashed at me since I decided to up and leave my hometown when I was 21. When did it become such an expectation to fit into this mould? Hanging around people doing the same thing, thinking its what I should be doing aswell. I always felt in my heart those things werent for me for some reason. I know it is definitely for others, hence why I am referring to myself mostly (and any of you who can relate). It seems that there is a peculiar structure that a lot of people push to follow;



Who started this? Who was in charge of making this up? I would like to meet them, and poo poo their research!!!

I believe that each and everyone of us are entirely different. We should consistently nurture what gets us all fired up. If you want to have a high caliber career then that is perfect for you, if you want to travel the world in a VW Camper with two kids in tow then thats perfect for you, if you want to start your own business at age 50 then thats perfect for you, and so on. This ‘mould’ which every now and again I feel under pressure to fit into, needs to be banished, its out dated and incredibly suffocating. You fricken choose what you want, not someone else!!!!!! God damn it!! (haha!)




I’ll never forget the time when my business studies teacher walked into my place of work, after I had left school, and said to me distastefully, “Oh, you still work here?” with quite the disappointed look on her face. I was flabbergasted!!! I was 20 years old, only out of school for two years, with NO CLUE what I wanted to do! Stupid woman! I had a great paying job which allowed me to save to go travelling. Most importantly, right then, I was happy with what I was doing. That is what always matters most……BEING HAPPY. So screw you teacher….no regrets here!


You should never ever ever ever stifle your own happiness, especially not to fit into this ‘mould’. If you love where you are now, stay there. If you aren’t, change it. Its very simple to write this, doing it can be a challenge at times. However, if you know what makes you happy, and you need to work through some shitty times to get it…..DO IT!!!!! Hell, I am!


I still to this day don’t know what I want to do. That’s the beauty, the fact that I don’t know, I can be excited about anything coming my way. I know I want to stay happy, I want to stay blilssfully in love (with my amazing other half), I want to be able to afford to do the things I enjoy and I want to always be with my amazing family and friends (near and far). I’m pretty sure thats a fairly good place to start 🙂


So to everyone out there, fed up of being squeezed and jammed into ‘The Mould’…..BREAK OUT OF IT!! Do something crazy, go somewhere, do something, see someone! Its always up to YOU!


Lots of Love Natalie xoxo



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